Kristy (timetostamp) wrote,

Been a while

I have not updated in ages. I have been on myspace a bit, blogging there, but not much. Now I have some weird crap going on-I became friends with this one dude on there, and his wife. I REALLY like his wife and we have been sending messages back and forth. I had done some linocuts and her husband was (not sure if its happening now) going to use a design to make some shirts. It came out really cool, and he added some text to it. Anyway, so we were messaging back and forth about that, and about a couple other Things-totally no big deal. But at the same time I was messaging his wife too, like I said, I really like(d) her , and then last night she sent me a message and it was so weird. ASking me how I had found her husband, if I would have sought her out if he had not told me about her, and she had noticed I emailed him also. I ONLY emailed him a few files of my linocuts. COME ON!! Sheesh!! And I told her of course I would have sought her out, but how happy I was that he sent me her page anyway. Just plain weird. Seems to me its a bit juvenile. I dunno, there could be some things going on I don't know about, or some trust issue. But still, I had not even messaged her dh in like a week, and I had messaged her since, and then out of the blue she sends me that message with those questions last night. Whatever!
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