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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
3:34 pm
oh yeah
I showed DH the message and my response to her, and he told me from what he could see, I had done nothing wrong. He said I gave her a good , honest response. Gosh, is there a full moon out? It has really bothered me, the message she sent last night. Makes me wanna cancel my Myspace account now, just to get away from it all. But, then again, then they would think I was "guilty" of something when I did nothing to harm anyone.
3:28 pm
Been a while
I have not updated in ages. I have been on myspace a bit, blogging there, but not much. Now I have some weird crap going on-I became friends with this one dude on there, and his wife. I REALLY like his wife and we have been sending messages back and forth. I had done some linocuts and her husband was (not sure if its happening now) going to use a design to make some shirts. It came out really cool, and he added some text to it. Anyway, so we were messaging back and forth about that, and about a couple other Things-totally no big deal. But at the same time I was messaging his wife too, like I said, I really like(d) her , and then last night she sent me a message and it was so weird. ASking me how I had found her husband, if I would have sought her out if he had not told me about her, and she had noticed I emailed him also. I ONLY emailed him a few files of my linocuts. COME ON!! Sheesh!! And I told her of course I would have sought her out, but how happy I was that he sent me her page anyway. Just plain weird. Seems to me its a bit juvenile. I dunno, there could be some things going on I don't know about, or some trust issue. But still, I had not even messaged her dh in like a week, and I had messaged her since, and then out of the blue she sends me that message with those questions last night. Whatever!
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
6:57 pm
I broke down an ordered a Wizard machine the other day. I wasn't drawn to it so much for the die cuts, as I am to use it for embossing metals, photo transfers and the more artistic stuff. It has so many uses that I was completely sold on it. I had a Zip-e-mate, but sold it as soon as I ordered the Wizard.
I look forward to getting it. I am gonna love making embossed paper and stuff too with texture plates.
I fessed up to DH that I purchased it, but emphasized that I sold the other one, and he didn't say much. He used to get pretty mad about me ordering stuff. I don't think he realizes how much I order :) hee hee.
Probably 'cause the stuff comes when he isn't here and I quickly dispose of all boxes and packaging LOL
I ordered some texture plates for the wizard too. I am vowing not to spend any more $$ the rest of the month. We'll see how it goes LOL
Its been 2 weeks since Gillian has gotten sick-woohooo!! I just hope it continues.
I am SO addicted to Trader Joe's Cinnamon Almonds-I can't stop eating them. I ate the other bag I got in like a couple days-but I ate so many that I got really bad indigestion, so gotta be sure I don't eat THAT many LOL I headed over there today to grab some more. I ran into Judy Claxton there-she was an Artist on Call for STampington Inspirations and also has written a book. I haven't seen her in a while-we had a really nice visit. I saw her before Gillian turned a year old, and things were still in their rough stage with Gillian. Today she told me back when she had last seen me I didn't look good. She told me today, that now I look just great. That made me feel good. I know I didn't look good back then-the amount of stress was unimaginable. We had a really nice conversation and she told me before we parted that she hoped we would run into each other again-that was sweet.
Baseball starts tomorrow-oh joy. Back to the old grind LOL Tomorrow Aidan has a Bat-a-thon and its picture day. Its been rainy today and I have not checked to see what the weather is tomorrow. If its raining I am not sure if it is still going to happen or what. They have a bouncer and all sorts of things for the kids-its almost like a fair for opening day. Its actually kinda fun. I am just not looking forward to the games-its cold in the evenings-I freeze!! I am anxious to meet some of the other parents.
I do know one of the parents and she is really cool-the kid was on Aidan's team last year. Real nice people. I just hope this year that Gillian will be able to sit still a bit better. She has changed alot since last year, and listens and understands much better. Fingers crossed :)
Monday, February 27th, 2006
12:02 pm
I am just completely wowed.......I just got my issue of Take Ten. In addition to my Guest Artist Feature, there are several other cards of mine in the magazine as well. WOW.
For not submitting anything for such a long time, and having this, I am just completely floored.
Actually I am surprised I have not fallen to the floor LOL

Just incredible.
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
9:42 am
I was able to see my guest artist feature :) My friend scanned it for me to see. I am happy with it-it looks fabulous. I still cannot believe it! In my wildest dreams I never ever expected I would be asked
to be a guest artist! Wow!

Something I have had on my mind alot lately is that journalist, Jill Carroll. I have been keeping current on her situation. Today they are supposed to kill her if we don't release the female Iraqi prisoners we have in custody. I just feel so terrible for her family and friends. What bothers me most is that she was there to help them, and how much she loved the iraqi people. Just so sad. I just hope that there may be a chance that they just let her go-they have done it before to some other folks. I know it hasn't happened often, but it has happened.
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
11:38 am
I am absolutely dying over here.....I have yet to see my Take Ten Feature! Can you hear me screaming? LOL
I really really really wanna see it...............I just saw that Cardsnstamps has it in stock-I preordered a couple of them but I still wanna see my complimentary issue. I am dying. Just dying.
If anyone has it, can you please tell me what my feature looks like-is it good? I hope the picture of me look crappy! I am SO beyond nervous.
Friday, February 24th, 2006
8:05 am
I just found out I am on the cover of VSN-2 pieces actually!!!
What a surprise!

I am waiting very impatiently for the new issue of Take Ten-I heard from a friend that
she got her complimentary issue but I have not gotten mine yet. I am about to burst!
I wanna see my guest artist feature so bad! My friend said it will be worth the wait,
but I am no good at waiting!

Thursday, February 16th, 2006
8:54 am
I am going to scream!!!!
You all know my little Gillian was sick last week and it ended up being pneumonia. We got her pretty much back to normal and now guess what?
Last night she started vomiting-now she has what we think is the stomach flu!!!
AHHHHHHH!! this girl is sick more than she is well! She is coming home sick about every 2 weeks, or less the past few weeks-like every other week!
This has been happening since November-I am really thinking she brings it home from the preschool :(

Boy am I ever so tired :(
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
3:26 pm
I forgot! Gillian did something really cute yesterday. Aidan, Gillian and I stopped to
get some Chinese Takeout after Aidan's Baseball practice. There was this really cute little
boy there-I am guessing he was around a year old. Anyway, gillian went and put her arms around him
and kissed him on the cheek-a long kiss LOL It was one of those moments I really wished I had
my camera! It was so darn cute. His parents got a kick out of it too.
2:20 pm
Its been a while since I updated so I thought I would. I am so dang busy I never get to update!
Gillian has been getting sick about every 2 weeks since November-I think she is bringing stuff home from
preschool-its gotta be! Last week she had a rough one-she ended up having pneumonia/RSV and I have never seen her so ill-or at least not since she was in the NICU. It got me really worried-I took her to the urgent care and they said her lungs didn't sound clear, so they put her on antibiotics right away. The next day I ended up calling her lung doctor as I sensed she should be put on Steroids (had them already om hand) and they agreed. Next day she was even worse, so called the lung doc again. They told me if she wasn't better by last thurs to run her to the E.R. That is what I did. They did a chest xray and it showed as pneumonia. I really suspected she had it. She is doing much better now, pretty much back to her normal self. I have sent her back to the preschool, but I swear if she gets sick again before the end of spring, that is it. I am going to keep her out until these viruses go away. Everything affects her so
much worse than a normal kid. Luckily I am so in tune with her I am on it right away.

Haven't done much arting the last week or so since all this has happened. I am dying to!
I did a bit of carving last week and that was nice-it helped keep me sane since Gillian was sick.
When she would nap I would carve. I am also working on a small scrapbook for a friend who is
having a baby next month-a couple friends of mine are paying me to do it. I did one for a friend
back last summer and everyone went hog wild over it-so, guess I will be asked to do them whenever
anyone around here is expecting. LOL
I will admit, though, that it came out quite nice :) Its just finding the time and motivation.
I have found that if I do something creative every day-be it an ATC or to carve a small stamp, I
am more motivated to do stuff.
Today I started to organize my embellishments. I got some small modular containers that are like
for bead storage-they will fit in my iris cart drawers-I like them so far. I just have so much stuff
I am asking myself what the heck was wrong with me that I bought all this stuff LOL
I am anxious to get it more organized, as I think I will use it if I can see it :)

Baseball season is starting up again-oh joy LOL.
I started taking Aidan to his practices last week. Opening day is the first part of March.
Its sort of a pain to take him to the practices and all, and it will keep me so busy , but I
think he really gets alot out of it, meets new friends and gains more confidence.
The coach this year seems better than last. He is working with all the boys on different positions.
Last year Aidan was pretty much put in the out field. He worked with him yesterday on pitching.
In a letter he sent home, he said he tries all the boys out on different positions, because some
of the boys have hidden potential or talents. He seems like he is so fair, and that makes
me happy. One thing about baseball is that I love to meet the other parents. I met some wonderful
people last year, and I am sure it will be that way this year as well. I love meeting people and
making new friends.
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
12:55 pm
This gave me a really good laugh today. This guy's laugh is hysterical!

Click here:

This is so funny and his laugh is contagious! Close your eyes
and just picture what he is watching...it's even better than a video clip!!! You've got to listen to this! It's a phone call from a man in Texas who witnessed a car accident involving 4 elderly women. It was so popular when they played it on CHUM FM that they had to put it on their site.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
7:42 pm
I am SO irritated I could just scream.

I sent this lady overseas a small order about a week ago-it was small enough that it fit into a regular
envelope to save her on postage (I always try to do that). Anyway, I get this email a bit ago (this is an excerpt):

"However, I must say I was surprised to see that they have both been used... which is not the usual way I get NEW stamps.

I was also surprised to see that they are so small, so I would now like to get them both in the larger sizes .
Could you let me know if I do go ahead and order them if they will also be used stamps ?"

I am SO Mad. I pressed those stamps up for that lady right before I put them in the envelope.
And, she never asked for the dimensions of the stamp-the stamps she ordered come in small and large.
I know that each computer screen is different.


My dh says I should not even offer to replace the stamps. They were totally new when I sent them out.
That is what I probably would have offered to do. But, he said no way. The order was small-like $5 or less with the shipping.

Double ARGH!!!

One thing I always worry about though, is my reputation. I always try to be fair, but in this case I don't want to get screwed either. I mean, I also want to stand up for what is right.

Okay, I just checked my inbox and things seem to be okay. She said they were discolored or something on the surface of the stamp-possibly from transit and rubbing on the envelope or something. She apologized "if that was the case." I am relieved about that, as I did not think it was a very nice email at all! I guess I will just have to start bagging them up to prevent that from happening in the future or something.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
3:57 pm
One thing in my first post regarding my friend, is that out of the 5 days is that I am driving on 3 of them. I do think that is more. Today when she called me about picking up (when she had said she planned to) is that she felt bad asking me. I dunno, maybe its starting to show. She must notice something-I am sure I am not as friendly anymore and I am not over there much-I used to be there all the time.
Such a shame. She does take care of my kids sometimes if I am sick and need a nap-but there have been times Aidan was there all afternoon and never even got fed lunch. I don't like that either!
One time she dropped off her daughter, who's 3 like Gilly, and she had a poopy diaper when she dropped her off here, and she sat in Gillian's car seat that we had in the house and it got crap Allllllll over it. I had just washed it up. My husband was SO mad.........I was too as it was a big mess. I thought it was bad that she did that . She was late picking up the kids at school, but she should have quickly changed her and then be on her way, I thought.
3:17 pm
One thing I forgot to mention, was that all of this is making me very bitter towards my friend.
I don't want this to end the friendship :(
2:56 pm
just need to vent
I am needing to vent about something I am not quite sure how to handle-maybe some of you can give me some ideas. I have a friend-actually a very good friend-who we carpool with ( kids to school). Last year, it worked out so great-she would take the kids in the morning and I would always pick up from school. I thought the world of this friend-and we have been inseparable until maybe the past few months.
Anyway-a few months ago is when this frustration of mine started. One day, she called me and told me
that she would be possibly picking her girls up early. I told her when she found out for sure, to let me know, and I would go pick up Aidan, and I would possibly just get Aidan out early as well. She never did call, so I assumed she got them. Time went by and Aidan was not home, so I called her on her cell and she asked if I had gotten him and I told her I had not, and that she never called me so I assumed she had gotten them. She admitted she forgot to call me and apologized, but I was outraged that my son was at the school and was not picked up. I was mad for a while, but I got over it, I had just lost a bit of trust that I once had for her. Since then things have not really been the same. Now, it seems lately I am doing more of the driving. Like out of the 5 school days, I am dropping off AND picking up. They only have one vehicle (which they really should have two, but they are not good with money, even though her husband makes a substantial income) and so she lets her husband take the car when he needs to go to work.
Today I was picking them up and her daughter said "My mom says you park too far away. She says that we are having to walk to far and we could get kidnapped." Well crap. I have parked there for a while now, and other parents do the same. I watch them walk to the car each day. I can see them! I don't see where there is any problem at all. I sometimes as a kid had to walk the same distance to my mom's car.
My friend herself has not mentioned anything to me about it, but hearing that made me SO angry.
My son told me he could tell I was mad. I explained to him how I was feeling and even at 9 agrees with my frustration. I am sure if he could tell I was mad, her girls could also. Actually I don't really care.
I run a business, have a kid with special needs among other things. Its cold out-I do not like to take Gillian out when she has been sick (which she has) and in the cold air with her lung troubles.
I just don't think there is anything wrong with it. I think I am just frustrated with it all. My dilemma is this-how do I tell her how I feel without it hurting her feelings? I really do care about her as a friend, but I feel a bit taken advantage of. I mean, with all I have to do, I have to keep those things in mind. I think we have been helping each other out when its needed, but where do I draw the line?
Is it terrible that I am feeling this way? What would you do? I honestly just don't know what to do!
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
12:41 pm

I just submitted a load of stuff to Stampers Sampler-they just contacted me about being a Guest Artist in the spring Take Ten! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I am here jumping up and down screaming!!!!

I have not submitted anything in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time, and I did and they contacted me..........I am so amazed.
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
3:26 pm
What a tiring week-but a good one :) Last Saturday I worked at my old pharmacy job-they were so desperate for some extra help. I worked part of the day and it felt SO good to get out. I had forgotten how much I loved that job. My old boss asked me if I would come work just once a month, at the beginning of the month to help one girl out there-they do board and care homes and there is always extra stuff to do at the beginning of the month with med changes for the patients, etc.
I told dh to make sure to take the first saturday of every month off, so I could. I don't think he is too happy about that, but tough! I take care of them all day, plus housework and running a business. He can take one day out of the month to let me do something! I enjoy being around the adult people-it really gives me a break.
We decided over last weekend to trade our car in. It has began nickel and diming us, and its just not that reliable anymore. So, after discussion with dh and lots of research on the internet, I went Monday and traded in the Suburban. I took Gillian (I am brave, I know LOL) and did the deal myself. Dh works so late it would be hard to get us both there, and he said he would not be mad if I did it. I got a used one-got a great deal on it, its a 2002 Saturn Vue. So far I just love it. That Suburban was such a gas hog! This one already seems better. I was really pleased with Saturn. Since Gillian was with me we did the whole deal in the "Kids' room" at the showroom-boy what crazy couple of hours that was! Gillian was turning the lights on and off, etc LOL I had the financing all in place already so that cut down quite a bit of time. Honestly I was so tired by the end of the deal I am surprised I made it home!LOL Thank goodness for the radio!
Tuesday I was gone almost all day running errands. Wednesday I was gone all morning and then had a paren teacher conference with Aidan's teacher. Today we had to go back to the dealership to take the check and also to get some other things they promised us. I came home and worked-I am tired! LOL
I did start to work on an 8x10 collage on canvas that I am working on for a calendar swap. It is going to be great. I was trying to use the new "Sew Crafty" little sewing machine and it just was not working the way I wanted last night so I thought maybe I was just too tired so I stopped LOL

I just got the new "Transparent Art" book and my goodness-it rocks! I cannot put it down.....its gotta be the best book I have gotten in a loooooooooooong time. I have used transparencies before, but wow! This gives just tons of ideas on how to use them , attach them, etc. Just plain awesome!
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
9:18 am
I am feeling back to normal again............being my silly, obnoxious self :) I am feeling really good again-I feel like everything is gonna be just fine. Gillian is already showing some signs of growth , and that makes me VERY happy. Looks like she had a 45 minute session with the speech pathologist the other day. I haven't heard yet what they did with her, and would like to know. I need to know also if there is anything I can do in that area to help her.

I am SO grateful to have art to do while I am going through this. I just go in my back office/studio area and sort of bury myself in it and its been such a great comfort. I crank up the tunes and just create and experiment and have fun. I am amazed at how many friends of mine don't have an "escape." Everyone needs something!

I could not live without my art. I think through life's experiences too, that it makes me a better artist. The stuff I have been producing here has been amazing. (I am submitting loads of stuff LOL)

Totally fun.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
11:15 am
I forgot-Gillian's preschool pic is here :

10:46 am
I have been SO down since the last post. I have done more research on Gillian's sensory stuff and we *think* its something called "Sensory Integration Dysfunction" which is common amongst preemies or children who have been hospitalized for an extended period. I got a book about it, and have been reading up. I have purchased some toys to help her too. We do activities daily-I am trying to help her in any way I can. So far the past couple weeks she has made some improvements.
I had a meeting with the special ed folks about her on Friday. In some areas she scored like 1 yr 9 months-of course, this is only after seeing her maybe twice. The speech therapist told me she has already seen quite an improvement in her skills in just a month, since she evaluated her. They told me not to get upset about the score, that they just needed to have something to start. They realize, in actuality, that she is further along than what they show. I think I have been so upset because , back in May when they exited Gillian from her Early Intervention, I really honestly thought things were okay. I thought basically we were "home free." Realizing that she will still need help and facing reality have been hard. It has been hard seeing her vs. the other kids at the preschool-seeing how delayed she really is.
The special ed folks told me what I am going through is normal, its like a grief process, an acceptance process. I felt good knowing I am not going crazy. I lost it last week when I was picking up my son at cub scouts. A friend of mine there could tell that I was not myself. I just cried on her shoulder and she talked to me for a very long time. She was a special ed teacher and had some insight. I am so grateful for the support I am getting from these few people around here. My friend, whose child is epileptic, has given me lots of support too. She has gone through this stuff too. The director of Gillian's preschool was my son's Kindergarten teacher, and she was at the meeting and I felt good about it, as she knew Gillian's story. She shared lots of Gillian's ups and downs with me, and was constantly wanting updates on her during her hospital stay.
I spoke to a good friend last week and I was heartbroken. I asked her if Gillian looked different than the other kids. she said "Well yeah, you can tell there is something wrong with her! You can tell she is different!" That destroyed me. I had never had such emotional pain.....I felt like my heart was torn up into a million tiny pieces. I see Gillian as a 2 year old-I know she is 3, but I just see a 2 year old.
She still has that baby face. I think if I told someone she was 2 that would be about right, but I don't see her being different other than that. Being that she doesn't "focus to task" and runs away from teachers, people, etc......makes her seem younger than 3. That is part of the sensory stuff. There is so much to this "Sensory integration dysfunction" that its overwhelming. So much is making sense now.
Its probably why she won't keep her glasses on, and why she gags on certain foods. These kids are particular about stuff on them-like she hates having stuff on her hands is an example. She will be getting some Occupational Therapy, which should resolve lots of this. Plus I am working with her too and I just hope it helps. I am not feeling quite as sad-still a bit heartbroken, but not crying. I just have to accept this. I know I need to be so excited for Gillian and the progress she has made since she was born-she has climbed mountains. She has overcome SO much. Over the weekend she was running all over and I just smiled, happy that she can just even do that. Even so, its hard. I have seen other kids her age and I get so sad...........like I said, its hard realizing your kid is not where they should be developmentally :(
I knew having a preemie was going to be hard......I just hope she can catch up! :(
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