Kristy (timetostamp) wrote,

just need to vent

I am needing to vent about something I am not quite sure how to handle-maybe some of you can give me some ideas. I have a friend-actually a very good friend-who we carpool with ( kids to school). Last year, it worked out so great-she would take the kids in the morning and I would always pick up from school. I thought the world of this friend-and we have been inseparable until maybe the past few months.
Anyway-a few months ago is when this frustration of mine started. One day, she called me and told me
that she would be possibly picking her girls up early. I told her when she found out for sure, to let me know, and I would go pick up Aidan, and I would possibly just get Aidan out early as well. She never did call, so I assumed she got them. Time went by and Aidan was not home, so I called her on her cell and she asked if I had gotten him and I told her I had not, and that she never called me so I assumed she had gotten them. She admitted she forgot to call me and apologized, but I was outraged that my son was at the school and was not picked up. I was mad for a while, but I got over it, I had just lost a bit of trust that I once had for her. Since then things have not really been the same. Now, it seems lately I am doing more of the driving. Like out of the 5 school days, I am dropping off AND picking up. They only have one vehicle (which they really should have two, but they are not good with money, even though her husband makes a substantial income) and so she lets her husband take the car when he needs to go to work.
Today I was picking them up and her daughter said "My mom says you park too far away. She says that we are having to walk to far and we could get kidnapped." Well crap. I have parked there for a while now, and other parents do the same. I watch them walk to the car each day. I can see them! I don't see where there is any problem at all. I sometimes as a kid had to walk the same distance to my mom's car.
My friend herself has not mentioned anything to me about it, but hearing that made me SO angry.
My son told me he could tell I was mad. I explained to him how I was feeling and even at 9 agrees with my frustration. I am sure if he could tell I was mad, her girls could also. Actually I don't really care.
I run a business, have a kid with special needs among other things. Its cold out-I do not like to take Gillian out when she has been sick (which she has) and in the cold air with her lung troubles.
I just don't think there is anything wrong with it. I think I am just frustrated with it all. My dilemma is this-how do I tell her how I feel without it hurting her feelings? I really do care about her as a friend, but I feel a bit taken advantage of. I mean, with all I have to do, I have to keep those things in mind. I think we have been helping each other out when its needed, but where do I draw the line?
Is it terrible that I am feeling this way? What would you do? I honestly just don't know what to do!
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